The Hub

An innovative student-led manufacturing project based learning environment that incorporates design and fabrication technology, soilless agriculture, workforce education & community service.

Here, we will inspire youth to think beyond what’s now… to what’s NEXT.

Innovation Lab

The Tech Cave hosts a 3D virtual reality that allows students to have surreal experiences, from a medical operating room to climbing Mount Machu Picchu. Students can receive tutoring as an avatar in an environment that’s conducive to learning. It’s a place where youth can play video games or just relax, surrounded by pictures of their favorite sports icons.


A meeting location where youth share ideas and hold a variety of sessions, from self-esteem workshops to homework and tutoring, or just place to study and research E-STEM issues online. This room is named Starbucks because of the large Starbucks sign and it’s atmosphere and energy of a safe zone.

Smart Lab

In the Green Room you’ll find students working in aquaculture and organic gardening, along with a 3d printing lab where we give a hand to those in need. Students learn about environmental issues and study methods of growing vegetables in soilless environments. Our 3d printing lab is part of an international group that provides support for people around the world in need of temporary prosthetics. The 3d printing lab also fabricates prototype parts for robotics competitions.
    Warehouse Benefits
    • First E-STEM Based Location in Lee County, funded by corporations and Community members
    • Serving teens in 8th – 12th grades
    • Integration of established prevention curriculum with E-STEM initiatives
    • Bridges the gap of the digital divide





    Warehouse Outcomes
    • To increase youth’s personal self-management skills
    • To increase youth’s social skills & communication skills
    • To increase drug resistance
    • To increase youth’s social emotional competence
    • To increase youth’s sense of competency as learners