Welcome Vendors!
We are excited to be holding our first of many events in the new Urban Community Farm on October 9th from 9am-7pm. Just as excited for the amazing talent we have that is putting it all together. Our team includes Betty Sloan-administrative coordinator at I Will Mentorship Foundation, Jennifer FitzGerald-produced the Florida Keys Medieval Festival, and Sandy Wheeler-produced the Ft Myers Medieval Festival. We are packed with experience and proud to be working with IWMF to raise funds for an amazing organization benefiting our children, as well as producing community events to remember. There will be food, games, live music, and yes…beer. The gate fee is only $1 so you should do well.
We will only be allowing 10-15 Vendors as space is definitely limited, and we will attempt to keep the direct competition at a minimum. Please fill in the form, upload your documents and pay the Vendor fee. If you are not selected your fee will be refunded. NO WEAPONS of any kind.
All spaces will be 10X10. You will be required to have a fire extinguisher if you have a tent, no matter what kind of tent it is.
All vendors will be required to submit a certificate of insurance with I Will Mentorship Foundation’s Harvest Fest included. $1Mil per occurrence $2Mil general aggregate. If you do not have insurance we can send you a link from our company and you can purchase for this event for $65.
Certificate must be submitted to IWMF at least 2 days prior to the event or you will not be permitted to set up.
If you are a food vendor. Please send an email to Vendor@iwmf2.org We will only be choosing 2 this time. If you are chosen there will be a $100 deposit needed that will be deducted from a 25% split.