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Urban Community Farm

IWMF’s Urban Community Farm was initiated in 2018 with the goal of advancing urban agriculture. We have a vision for a local, ecologically driven, urban farm that could offer city dwellers the freshest and highest quality fruits and vegetables, year-round, at low prices and employment opportunities. It was inspired by innovation and technology, driven by a sense of duty to address community wellness and ecological issues facing our agricultural system, and motivated by a foundation’s penchant for challenge. 

Our Aims …

  • Promote a diversity of approaches to sustainable gardening
  • Encourage co-operation, education and community involvement centered around organic gardening
  • Share and develop knowledge and practice of organic gardening
  • Promote well-being by providing access to garden space and to public gathering spaces
  • Encourage and maintain a sustainable method of bio-diverse gardening


Our volunteers can include:

  • Individuals
  • Senior Citizens
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Youth Groups
  • Schools
  • Scouts
  • Church Groups
  • Businesses

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