Knowledge, Exposure, Engagement

NeXGen: Next Generation

Our mentors are uniquely trained to match individuals of all ages and levels of experience with the educational pathways to wealth-creating occupations. This is not a “one size fits all” approach. For some, the educational pathway might be a four-year degree in accounting; for others, a two-year nursing degree; and still for others, an 18-month welding apprenticeship.

College Entrance Exam Boot Camp

Confidently excel in college entrance exams courses. Topics include reading, English, math, and science. Our targeted modules have been designed to equip students through our College Entrance Exam Boot Camp, teaching strategies and concepts in a motivating, collaborative environment to help them succeed on the test.

College Campus Experience

Inspires and motivates students by giving teens a taste of the most attractive aspects of college life: dorm housing, challenging classes and a parent-free environment.     

Post Secondary Mentoring

Develops positive and caring relationships between volunteers and students to enhance self image, teach personal responsibility and improve life choices so students are empowered to achieve personal and academic growth and to become respected citizens in their communities.