Everyone makes a difference!

Help create opportunities for students and make a difference in
their lives through mentoring, events, advocating and more.

Our Mentorship

IWMF primarily uses a group mentorship model that allows youth to get to know a wide range of positive role models that can offer personal and professional support. Some of our youth and mentors will also be paired in one-to-one match-ups based on desire and needs. Your primary role as a mentor is to be present and authentic, listen well, and be willing to jump right in. Our mentor group closely reflects the diversity of the youth. We welcome adults of all backgrounds: cultural, religious, educational, economic and sexual orientation. No prior mentoring experience is required. We believe youth are the experts on their own lives and futures. Our mentors help them to define and achieve their goals.

The Commitment

Please consider this carefully! As a mentor, your consistent attendance is essential. Please check the dates of the program you are applying for to make sure you can attend most of the program. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. If mentoring is too large a commitment at this time, consider becoming an IWMF volunteer. Our many short-term volunteer opportunities also provide meaningful experiences working with the IWMF community of youth and adults.

Top 6 ways we use volunteer help:

1. Help organize events, assist with marketing materials, and provide administrative help.
2. Help set-up and cleanup at our facility or events.
3. Outreach for in-kind donations of food and supplies and event sponsorship.
4. Transport youth and mentors to IWMF events. (valid driver’s license and car insurance required, and you must pass a Florida State background check.)
5. Help with our fundraising events.
6. Host an event to benefit IWMF in your business or make IWMF programs possible by working with your friends to raise funds. Contact us for more information.

As A Mentor

Mentors are scientists, engineers or STEM professionals who provide guidance, support and professional input to STEM focused students through a variety of activities, including:

  • Classroom Presentations
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • STEM Competition Mentoring & Project Judging
  • Curriculum Development

What Mentors Do​

  • Receive training in intergenerational youth work, cultural competency, life-coaching, creative facilitation and more
  • Meet incredible, passionate adults like yourself who are committed to building a better future for the next generation of youth
  • Get to know and work with youth who will inspire you with their passion and verve
  • Share your experience and wisdom, and learn from the wisdom of others
  • Feel the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of young people

As A Volunteer

Help equip youth with the necessary life and academic skills to give them new opportunities and resources for a better future.

If you have interest in one of the above areas or another idea of how you want to help, please fill out the Volunteer Application or contact us. We would be very pleased to talk to you about upcoming opportunities.

Apply now

If you are a youth or parent seeking a program that can provide academic tutoring, college/career planning, 21st-century work skill knowledge, mentoring, or just a place to be challenged and grow, use the button below to apply.