Option 1

Be a Part of our 2022 Campaign

In an effort to get the word out to the community and help fund more children through our programs we need 2 things to fulfill our goal.

* First, become a $20.22 monthly donor
* Second, share this page with 10 friends.

Option 2

Make this a BIGGER cause for you.

Our foundation is run solely from the charity of our community. It takes a LOT to run all our great programs and it’s people like YOU that make it possible.

Change more Lives!

Customizable amount, determine which program to fund, and choose one time or monthly.

Support Us $20.22

Support Us Custom Amount

Campaign Goal = 200 donors giving $20.22 on a monthly recurring basis.

That’s over $48,000 a year!

That helps over 50 children get valuable skills that will lead to a better future for them AND our community.

Last year we raised almost $200,000

We served over 1500 hours to children of our community

We are just barely tapping the market though. Let’s double that number this year. With your help we know we can.

Giving is the best feeling in the world.

(All donations are tax deductible-donors will receive filing papers.)