Community Connect

Designed to help young people thrive in the technological world they encounter, discover talents, think and communicate effectively, create passionately, take pride in accomplishments, pursue fulfilling careers, give back and become models for future generations.

Community Garden

The Community Garden is a place for people, families or organizations to grow fresh flowers and produce using 21st-century soilless farming techniques. Perfect for apartment dwellers, community gardens allow plant-lovers to sink their hands into organic earth-friendly gardening.

Community Events

Events or activities that are the catalyst in the community, including IWMF symposiums, literacy workshops and volunteer opportunities.

Adopted Park

Thee primary purpose of the Adopt-A-Park (AAP) program is to promote partnerships between community members, groups, and businesses to assist the Parks staff with routine maintenance, clean up, and beautification of parks, open spaces, and trails, creating a beautiful, clean environment for all to enjoy.